How much is too much ?

January 29, 2018by

A student recently asked me “So, when are you putting your class prices up?”

I hadn’t really thought about EVER putting them up if I’m honest! In actual fact, I recently put my hot yoga price down! As long as I am able to make a little income, after deducting the studio hire costs etc – then surely that is enough ? Some may argue that the cost of training needs to also be taken into account. Which is a very fair point. My guess is, that up to the present moment my “Yoga activities” – Training – ongoing love of workshops etc has tallied up to a good £25 – £35k. Of course I want to see a comfortable income for my hard work, time and money invested. I also don’t want to be undercutting my fellow yoga teachers. So, how do we figure out what is a fair price for everyone ?

This got me thinking… How much should we be paying to attend a yoga class, retreat or workshop ?

On a recent visit to Sri Lanka with the family, I was keen to find a few yoga classes along our route.  It’s as exciting for me as trying the local foods and talking to the local people.  I was completely speechless when I realised that to attend an hours yoga session I would be expected to pay double what I charge back in the uk! Whhhaaat is that all about !? So I decided that self practice on the beach would suffice on this trip.

As a full time yoga teacher there is nothing I love more than being able to attend new top up trainings, the odd retreat and as many workshops and classes as I can. I literally spend a small fortune!  I feel seriously fortunate that I have the support that allows me to do this. It’s so necessary as a teacher, as it enables us to regularly refresh our own yoga knowledge, which keeps us on our “yoga toes”. Workshops and immersions are the perfect opportunity to learn new techniques and chat yoga ALL day!

Today I have been surfing the internet, like a crazy woman, for hours, looking for some decent top up immersions, or maybe a retreat, or a good workshop. Gordon Bennet, they don’t come in cheap!

Some of them (with ‘Instafamous’ yoga teacher’s) coming in at ££££’s to stay in a 3rd world country for 10 days, with a couple of daily classes and food.  Mental mental chicken oriental…

What is a fair price and how on earth do the ‘skint’ get to experience the delights of yoga ?

The reality is that yoga is very expensive, and the cost of it is prohibitive for many people.

I think part of the problem is that yoga (and health more generally) is intentionally marketed towards people in higher income brackets, and not much effort is made to reach people of lower income brackets. Of course, there are some good programs out there that do bring yoga to disadvantaged children, poorer communities, and even prisoners. But this kind of thing is definitely the exception, not the rule.

Other than offering it all for free (which isn’t feasible – especially when you’re running a yoga studio!) I don’t know the answer.  A good start,I believe, is to not get all greedy with your charges.  Stay realistic and humble, not forgetting the days you started out on your own yoga journey.

…and to that lovely student, I hear you, and I will be putting my prices up when I need to, but for now, enjoy that extra pound or 2 in your pocket!

Love, light & laughter Kx