Karli Tophill

Yoga instructor
Karli Tophill

Hi, I’m Karli and I teach yoga classes and workshops around the Penzance and west Cornwall area and occasional classes in Spain and Switzerland, where I spend my summer weeks.

I work with a broad range of people including sports enthusiasts, surfers, mental health patients and people suffering with ailments such as bad backs, necks and shoulders, anxiety, insomnia and depression –

I was first introduced to yoga at the age of 18. My first few years where spent dipping in and out of a weekly class, however, it has been the past 12 years that my practice has become regular, more a way of life.

After suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in both of my knees as a teenager; I was unable to walk unassisted for several months.

Seeking relief from my ailment, I was introduced to the physical benefits of yoga.

Yoga helped strengthen and improve flexibility around my knee joints, as well as other joints of the body. Practising yoga allowed my body to embark on a repair process that has restored me to full health.

I firmly believe that I am arthritis free today because of yoga. Over 20 years on the disease hasn’t returned.

The doctor’s prognosis was that the arthritis could come back when pregnant (bearing weight) or as I matured.

Since my recovery, I’ve gone on to have two gorgeous sons and I’m getting older every day – my knees feel stronger than ever.

On a more mental, emotional and spiritual level, my practice of yoga has allowed me to become the best version of myself.

Just a few minutes on my yoga mat makes me feel completely balanced – physically, mentally and spiritually.

I walk away with a sense of bliss, strength and focus, feeling that  anything is possible – who can ask for more than that?

This is why I love sharing yoga so much.

My teaching method is simply sharing what works for me – modifying and offering variations on pace and depth accordingly. I am particularly passionate about guiding my yoga friends toward their true potential, their ‘healthy edge’.

It is the great teachers who have offered this yoga platform over the years, that I continue to learn most from. My nature/personality enjoys lots of playfulness, on and off the mat! I enjoy injecting some fun time into each class too – humour, whilst respecting yoga’s authenticity, is very important.

Each karliyoga Hatha/Vinyasa session offers a variety of:

Breath Awareness Exercises – encouraging healthy respiration, a calmer mind and a steadier nervous system.

Mindful Meditation – checking in to that all important ‘inner environment’ switching off from the outer chaos for a moment.

Postural Awareness and Flow – Vinyasa is a contemporary approach to the ancient discipline of yoga. With continual emphasis and respect for the breath quality, bodily alignment and physical differences, the focus is on synchronized movement and breath, which encourages a smooth flow of postures (a moving meditation).

I look forward to sharing my love and passion of yoga with some of you in the future. In the meantime, what are you waiting for? Go out and find a yoga teacher whose style, personality and approach resonates with you. There is honestly a teacher and a style of yoga out there for everyone. You wont regret it… If you do, I will give you your money back.

Light. love and laughter Kx