Hot yoga

Hot yoga is a vigorous form of yoga performed in a studio that is heated between 37- 40 degrees.

Hot Vinyaya 34, typically a 75 minute program that consists of a series of 34 postures, and performed in a room of around 37 degrees – requires lengthy and well-controlled contractions of all major muscle groups. The demanding nature of the poses and the heat are designed to raise your heart rate and work your muscles very strongly.

Karli qualified as a hotyoga teacher with Camyoga in Cambridge.  Where the hotyoga sequence taught consisted of the 26 postures, traditionally taught in the Bikram yoga sequence, with a few hatha postures added, so consisting in total of 34 poses.

Below are some comments from Karlihotyoga students regarding their experience :

“Definitely recommend, I’m a total beginner… it’s like an hour long massage, purifying sweat and a posture balance all in one. On my 8th class! At first I really thought this was not for me. but decided to book a course and stick with it as I have suffered hip and back pain. The results are so beneficial that I have booked more classes. I have also noticed after a hotyoga class I don’t feel like drinking alcohol or eating! That’s not like me… after only 4 classes I started to feel a little toned too. Very Happy.” Carol T

“Wow… Did not know that my body could do that! – I feel very chilled afterwards… 1 hour away from everyday hectic stuff – Drink plenty of water before and after – my elbows do NOT go inside out! – I had know idea I could sweat so much – Breathe and then breathe some more… it definitely helps – Looking at yourself in a full length mirror, while you are hot and sweaty teaches you to be kind to yourself. – always plan to pop into Sainsburys before yoga, not after – You need to be kind to other people.” Wendy

“Loved tonights class, loved Mondays class! Wish I could do more hotyoga every dam day!”

“Another great Hotyoga class last night 🙂 I have a love/hate relationship with hotyoga! The classes are tough after a long week at work, but its doing great things for my body. I had regular hip pain before I started which has now gone-and I’ve dropped a dress size. Thanks Karlix” Laura H

“Have just attended my second hotyoga class, what an amazing experience! Karli is a brilliant teacher, very friendly and welcoming, as so are all the other members. Thank you.”