Time To Sit

Sitting for the sake of sitting

… not to drink a cup of tea, not to finish off your tax return form, not to check on ya social media accounts, bank accounts etc… Just for the sheer delight of sitting – not on a chair, a sofa, a horse, a bike… but on the floor, on a mat, maybe a few cushions blankets, or on a rock out in nature as above!)

I was chatting to a dear friend of mine recently. One of our regular philosophical discussions about life, love, happiness and everything around, below and on top of! Always a very educational experience may I add!

Anyway, she brought it to my attention about the importance of sitting.  Something I used to do regularly to reflect, to clear the head, to unclutter.

These  past few days I have been making a conscious effort to roll out my mat, do a short and sweet asana practice, before giving it ‘no time pressure’, usually around half an hour, to just sit, in half lotus on my mat and enquire with-in.

Today I was particularly aware of the little energy echoes that palpated all around my body.  It has been refreshing, invigorating and awesome to once again recognise how, when one sits for a few moments each day, just sits, does nothing , expects nothing – rides the breath. The rhythm of these echoes that randomly move around your body begin to chime with the melody of your true sense of self, your rooted core, your true essence- Because we have spent time listening.  No stimuli, no external ego mind stuff – just sitting, being with yourself… ah complete bliss, and a clear head. Ready to come back to life’s happenings with a clearer perspective.

In yoga we learn about the Kosha’s. According to the map of the Kosha’s, we are composed of 5 layers, shealths, bodies, like Russian dolls, each metaphorical “body” is contained with-in the next.

~ Annamaya Kosha – The physical body

~ Pranamaya Kosha – The breath, or life-force

~ Manomaya Kosha – The mental body

~ Vijanamaya Kosha – The wisdom body

~ Anandamaya Kosha – The bliss body

As a metaphor, the koshas help describe what it feels like to do yoga from the inside – Uniting a sense of mind, body and spirt.

This is what we observe when we give time to sitting.

When life becomes overwhelmingly full of “stuff” to do lists – worries about stuff – concerns about stuff… do me a favour, take 5 minutes to sit and become aware of the rhythms surrounding you. No judging, just observing the beat of your own unique rhythm.

I often compare meditation and yoga to the moments when one decides to learn a new instrument, or a new language.  For many of us, we give up as soon as it becomes too challenging.  Had we just continued a little further along the path of curiosity, maybe we would have actually surprised our self.  Same goes with sitting, don’t rush it, don’t give up and don’t have too many expectations. As sting so nicely put it – ‘Yoga is like music, it has no end’  Karli says ‘it has a whole lotta rhythm too!’ Thanks for reading. Luv Kx