I will be Teaching at Jason Vales Juicy Oasis in Portugal for 2 weeks in March 2018 :-)

I will be Teaching at Jason Vales Juicy Oasis in Portugal for 2 weeks in March 2018 :-)

December 19, 2017

I’m SO EXCITED I could burst!

Not only do i absolutely love the whole Jason Vale’s juicing programmes. They are simply amazeballs for your health inside and out.  They offer your body a much needed retreat away from all the hard work it is constantly having to do. These detoxes invite your whole system to purely focus on rectifying and rebalancing all the dis-ease within. Our systems are having to constantly digest, distribute and eliminate everything we’re constantly throwing at them.  The western diet, as we know, isn’t the healthiest! I personally think there is nothing better than giving yourself some time away from it all, to enjoy the outdoors, some fitness, some yoga 🙂 and a complete juicing detox.  I have experienced the benefits of this cleansing process first hand.  Having realised a couple of years ago that I have high cholesterol just like my dad (who has had 2 heart attacks, isn’t over weight and lived a fairly healthy life) and his dad (who died at my age, 42, from a heart attack). The prospects were, and still are, rather daunting.  After spending 5 days just juicing, I had my cholesterol rechecked and it had dropped down to a satisfactory level.  I was so made up with the results, especially after being offered statins, and being told that no change in diet would help, as its purely genetics.I eat mindfully, and have a fairly healthy balance in all things, I would say I’m pretty fit. These conditions take no prisoners!  It was the actual fasting that allowed my body to embark on a much needed mending spree 🙂

So back to my excitement! I have been offered to teach on a few of Jason Vales retreat weeks in 2018. I’m now part of ‘The Juicy Team’! I will be teaching on their Portugal retreat (www.juicyretreat.com) at the beginning of March for 2 weeks. I will also be teaching at their Rustic Retreat in Turkey (www.juicymountain.com) in mid July for a week, and then back to the boutique retreat in Portugal at the end of September for 2 weeks.  I honestly sense that this is the perfect opportunity for me, as I just love everything about what these guys, so Kate and Jason, plus their team are sharing.  It’s a match made in Heaven!

If you’ve ever considered a retreat, or taking some time out to benefit your mental and physical wellbeing amongst all the mayhem and chaos of life, then this could be for you. Go take a look at what its all about and maybe I’ll meet you for some yoga and juice when I’m there!

Have a supersonic christmas and new year. Kxx